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About Me

That is me, yanas! ;-)My name is Martin Janík and I was born in Brno, Czech Republic on 16th June 1983. I spent nine years of compulsory education attending a basic school in Brno and then continued at the high school Gymnázium Brno, třída Kapitána Jaroše 14. Right now I am studying for a master’s degree at the Faculty of Informatics at the Masaryk University in Brno. During my bachelor studies at the same faculty, I spent two semesters studying at the University of Luton in the United Kingdom. I work as a freelance web designer and programmer.

I am really into web design, any sort of programming and digital photography. I also like different kinds of music, play tennis and squash, go to cinemas and to theatres, enjoy flying, driving a car, playing urban games, studying and speaking English, …

You can learn more about me in my Curriculum Vitae which can be downloaded from the Downloads section. There are also some other relevant documents available.


If you want to contact me, probably the best thing to do is to send me an e-mail. However, if you feel more comfortable with instant messaging, you can try Jabber, ICQ or MSN protocols. I am online almost every day. And if you fancy VoIP, Skype is the program I use…

If you feel like talking to me, you can reach me on the following mobile numbers. I use the UK number only when I am in the UK and that is not at the moment. ;-)