Programming experience and programming languages

Programming Experience


Java has been my favourite programming language since I started attending a Java programming course at the Faculty of Informatics at the Masaryk University about two years ago. In the semester Autumn 2006 I worked there as a Java Teacher’s Assistant. I also used Java to develop team strategies in both FIbot programming competitions. In my bachelor thesis I proposed a conceptual design of the online shop web tier based on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5.


I have first experienced C# when I was studying at the University of Luton in the United Kingdom. I found it very elegant and easy to use. I used C# to complete several university assignments. Although I do not use this language regularly, I am capable of using it properly.


I learned C/C++ on my own while studying at high school and found the language very powerful and liked it immediately. I used it for several high school assigments instead of Delphi and then to develop my high school project. I have coded simple computer games and an interactive CD in C/C++. Later I played with 3D graphics in Direct3D, OpenGL and RenderWare. Then I used it while working in the Human and Computer Interaction Laboratory at the Faculty of Informatics.


Pascal was the first programming language I learned at high school. We practised various algorithms and learned to use dynamic data structures. Then we went on with Delphi, programming simple window applications.


I learned Prolog during my bachelor studies at the Faculty of Informatics and then used it to complete an assignment when studying at the University of Luton. Even though I do not use if often, I am familiar with its aspects.

x86 Assembly Language

I first tried low-level programming again at the University of Luton. I did actually enjoy it, being allowed to optimize. It was fun but I would not want to program this way for a longer period. ;-)