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My approach to web design, web references

My Approach to Web Design

To be honest, I am rather a programmer than a graphic designer. Programming and scripting are the things about web design that drags my attention and that I am really good at. Therefore I prefer coding of challenging tasks to anything else. I am also keen on optimizing and tweaking web sites I make. I prefer creating accessible and easy-to-use web sites rather than web sites filled with tons of Flash.

I am a skilled PHP coder as I have been using it for more than five years. PHP is often used together with MySQL which I know very well, too. I try to use as less JavaScript as possible to make the web sites perfectly accessible. However, JavaScript can be sometimes useful for creating handy tools that ease the visitor’s or administrator’s life. Obviously, the knowledge of XHTML, CSS and typography is esential for a good web designer…

I am also familiar with the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5. I find it suitable for very complex web applications. I am looking forward to developing a real project based on this powerful platform. Although it can be really tedious…

Web References

Sonia’s Tea Site

The latest dynamic web presentation for a tea bag collector. The contents of the web site can be easily managed due to simple naming convetions.

M servis, s.r.o

A dynamic web presentation providing a CMS written in PHP and JavaScript to perfectly suit all the customer’s needs. Thanks to valid XHTML and pure CSS layout, this web site is perfectly accessible to everyone no matter which browser is used.

Koncepce ochrany přírody Jihomoravského kraje

My first web site taking advantage of valid XHTML and pure CSS layout.

Ing. arch. Soňa Lahodová

Another static presentation written in HTML taking advantage of PHP and JavaScript to ease the administration of the content.

Gymnázium Brno, třída Kapitána Jaroše 14

A complex dynamic presentation with a simple yet useful CMS written in PHP.

Axec s.r.o.

One of my first web sites written in the good old HTML.